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AT-Performance is the most flexible competence based performance and objectives management software on the web.

AT-Performance automates the routine everyday tasks that ensure smooth operational efficiency for your business, giving you valuable time and increasing your overall productivity and performance

Radcliffe Help Desk Changes - Letter to users of AT-Performance April 2012
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Features at a glance
Flexible Competence Framework

Use local or national competence and skills frameworks to ensure standard descriptions of roles. Track all your competence, behaviour and performance frameworks in one tool.

Cascaded Objectives

Create and cascade performance objectives, to align team and individual activities with corporate objectives.

Reviews and Appraisals

AT-Performance is built to align development reviews and appraisals, and allow for managers and staff to have productive discussions about both performance targets and achievements, and personal competence development.

Personal Development Plan

AT-Performance will provide integration to the current AT-Learning activities , but with additional flexibility.

Adhoc Reporting

AT-Performance provides cusotmisable reports to allow organisations to track achievement of appraisals, and also interrogate information to build organisational performance management and capability plans.


Hosted on a secure web server, meaning that you don’t need any software or server hardware in your organisation.


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